Dragonite International Limited (Stock Code: 0329) is listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (since April 2001) and formerly known as ‘Ruyan Group (Holdings) Limited’. The Group is principally engaged in production and sales of a series of health care products, pharmaceutical products, securities trading and investments, money lending and trading of wines in Hong Kong. The Group is also engaged in an ongoing and rigorous research and development program focusing on a broad range of innovative healthcare, and pharmaceutical.

Health Care Products
The Group commenced production of Chinese ginseng products under the brand name “Chenlong Baoling Longevity Ginseng” (辰龍保齡參) in 1991 and of American ginseng products under the brand names “Baoling Multi-vitamin Pill of American Ginseng” (保齡多維洋參丸) and “Baoling Lozenges of American Ginseng” (保齡洋參含片) in 1998 and 2000, respectively. With the establishment of new GMP grade production facilities, the Group plans to re-launch a new line of Ginseng products in the near future.
Pharmaceutical Products
The Group is increasing its investment in the development of pharmaceutical products constantly. In 2006, the Group completed the development and proceeded to the registration of a total of 15 new pharmaceutical products. Currently, the Group has obtained the production approval of “HaiTe Ling” (咳特靈) and commenced in production of it.  Besides, Amlodipine Besylate Tablets (苯磺酸氨地平) and Pidotimod Capsule (匹多莫德膠囊) have been granted the approval.
Money Lending, Securities Trading and Investments
The Group has utilized part of its surplus cash to provide short-term financing to individual and corporate borrowers and also to invest in capital market including some treasury products with an aim to capture future appreciation of share price and as a treasury function.
The Group has developed wine trading business focused on the PRC market to capture the demand by corporate clients. The Group has entered into distribution agreements with six independent wine suppliers, all of which are chateau located in Bordeaux, France, in order to secure the source of wines. Moreover, the Group has entered into two agency agreements with two corporate clients, one from Taiwan and the other one from China.